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Any Fins In The Area Willing To Get Us A Tail Number So We Can See Who Mayo Mans’ New Friend Is?

r/Superstonk - Any Fins In The Area Willing To Get Us A Tail Number So We Can See Who Mayo Mans' New Friend Is?

Posted byu/bloodhound1144 Mayo Man go DUURR, GME go BRRR 📈10 months agoHelpful2Wholesome2Silver2HeartwarmingAll-Seeing Upvote2Narwhal SaluteLOVE!

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Finnish ape reporting in, but that’s approximately 1000km north from where I live. It’s REALLY small airfield in Lapland area of Finland, so the chances of getting an ape to check that one out is really REALLY small. It’s Ivalo Airport which is usually used when you go to Lapland for holidays, skiing, dog sledding etc, just to enjoy the winter wonderland. Extremely rare to have anything related to business happening in there, it’s 99.98% used for commercial flights for vacationers. Unless Mayoman is planning to enjoy the Finnish winter wonderland and the aurora borealis, this is very VERY odd. Like super odd.

edit: I mean you could fly there and go over the border to Russia pretty easily without leaving a flight trace for that. Let me dig up some traffic cameras around the area.

edit 2: no official traffic webcams around the area, but if this far-fetched tinfoil-theory would be true, Raja-Jooseppi is a somewhat popular route to pass to Russia. It’s quite straight drive from the airport.

edit 3: Murmansk is a straight drive from Raja-Jooseppi, so I would change planes there. Get a private plane from there with no known tracking number would make me invisible. The drive from Ivalo airport to Murmansk would be around 4,5 hours, so if we know touchdown time of Mayoman, I would look into planes departing from Murmansk airport around 5 hours after that time. Just throwing this out there. Roads are really icy so no possibility to drive really fast.

edit 4: Well holy shit this blew up while I was away. I’ll call the airport now to check if they can answer.

edit 5: A nice person answered. I asked if my friends from the US have landed in N302AK or any other private plane from the US today, especially from NY and she went to ask around. Pretty quickly afterwards she returned to me and told that only pretty much the flight traffic control knows about the private planes and such. Sorry I couldn’t extract any more information from that, but I’ll keep thinking about more avenues to pursue additional information.

EDIT 6: Okay, lets follow up this trail. As user 4004 said earlier, it was identified probably as N68KP. But behold the simulation provides, a random photographer actually has taken a photo of it. The plane belongs to Wilmington Trust. Wilmington Trust is one of the top 10 largest American institutions by fiduciary assets according to Wikipedia. It was acquired by M&T Bank in 2010 and is led by CEO René F. Jones.

If I had to guess, Mr. René F. Jones was sitting in the other plane.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/skbb4y/any_fins_in_the_area_willing_to_get_us_a_tail/