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Bill Gates Has A Half Billion Dollars ( 500 million ) Short Position Against Tesla

When you short a stock, you want that particular company to fail in the long run. Hedge Funds have been doing that for decades, where they have shorted companies to bankruptcy, so that they do not have to cover or close their position. This is called “Predatory Short Selling”, in which a Hedge Fund does not care about fundamentals, but they just want the company cellar boxed and eventually, they file for bankruptcy.

Times have changed, as retail investors have taken matters in to their own hands to save companies from getting bankrupt from Short Sellers. We all have heard of Hedge Funds and Banks shorting companies, but a new player has arrived in co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

According to a leaked conversation between the short destroyer Elon Musk and Bill Gates, Mr. Gates has a half a billion dollars short position in Tesla. The question arises, why would Bill Gates want Tesla to fail?