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CNBC’s Jim Cramer Is The Laughing Stock Of Reddit’s WallStreetBets

WallStreetBets is a subreddit, where like minded degenerates invest in stocks which are heavily shorted by the Hedge Funds. WSB came in to the mainstream limelight, when GameStop rose from $35 to $325 in the span of 10 trading days. That was a total of 828.57% in just 10 days. To put in to prospective, If you owned 1000 shares of GameStop, you would’ve peaked at $325,000.

The WallstreetBets crowd thinks that whatever Jim Cramer predicts, it just turns out to be the opposite. They are calling it “Inverse Cramer”.

Here are the list of posts on WallstreetBets that mock Jim Cramer.

This post was two hours before, Elon Musk acquired Twitter.

Kiss of Death for Disney by Cramer
After Cramer called it a nothing company, the market cap of GME is now greater than the market cap of Robinhood
When Cramer recommends a stock you own

Consider yourself warned. Jim Cramer says the bear market is over
Cramer is bullish on AMD. How fuk’ed are my calls?
Wife’s Boyfriend let me use the 3D Printer, Cramer says print is gonna fall, so up it goes!
Jim Cramer running his Hedge Fund back in 1997, a year later (1998) he lost $91 million while the S&P
puts on everything, always inverse Cramer you know the rule