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Fox32 Chicago Anchor States That, Long Term Meme Stock Investors Are The Problem, Because They Ain’t Selling

A Fox32 Chicago Anchor Lauren Simonetti, has stated that investors who hold their stocks for long term, is threatening people’s 401k investments.

Here are some comments from /r/Superstonk :


Its the dumbest argument, what a moron.

If holding a few stocks did this, the market was already broken.
We know the real story but they will try to pass the blame.

Cant wait to see the hedge funds and banks crying in front of congress for bailouts.


How does me buying an individual stock affect 401k? 🤡


Kinda further proves the entire market is a giant Ponzi scheme if a small representation of the populace decides not to sell a singular security. The entire meme basket has a market cap under $1T while FAANG has multiple Trillion dollar companies. We’re not the problem, we’re exposing it though.


Character attacks and contradicting positions. Her tone is that she is elite and we are pests. We are “amateurs” and “don’t know how to invest” but at the same time 401ks are at risk from the idiots not knowing what they’re doing.

No, we know what’s up. The veil has been lifted. “They don’t know how to trade” is true in the proper context. I don’t know how to trade, only buy and hodl. What they really mean is that “they don’t trade like we want”.

Fuck them. I’ll trade how I want, if you lose your ass from YOUR bad position, too bad. They don’t give a fuck about draining every penny out of my wallet, I want to return the favor. See how you like bologna and hot dogs to be able to afford rent.