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I am Yaroslav Trofimov, a WSJ reporter who has been on the ground in Ukraine, ask me anything!

I am Yaroslav Trofimov, chief foreign-affairs correspondent of The Wall Street Journal. I have been working out of Ukraine since January 2022 and covered the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in 2021. I joined the Journal in 1999 and have previously served as Rome, Middle East, and Singapore-based Asia correspondent, as bureau chief in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and as Dubai-based columnist on the greater Middle East. I’m the author of two books, Faith at War (2005) and Siege of Mecca (2007).

I recently covered the brutal shelling of Ukrainian civilians trying to flee a suburb of Kyiv, I explained how Ukrainian special forces held off Russian forces early on in the war, I covered the two-day battle of Voznesensk, I documented the toll the war has taken on children in a Kyiv hospital and how Ukrainian Jews are horrified by Putin’s Nazi rhetoric.

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UPDATE: I’ve stepped away for now, thanks for the thoughtful, excellent questions!

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