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Loop Capital’s Anthony Chukumba Is After Ryan Cohen Again & This Time It’s $BBBY

Loop Capital has a bearish view on both of Ryan Cohen’s companies and Anthony Chukumba has been very vocal about Gamestop stating “Sell now and ask questions later” in an interview last year. He had a $10 price target for $GME then and he has the exact same $10 price target for $BBBY.

Its mind boggling that two different companies, Bed Bath & Beyond, which is chain for domestic merchandises and GameStop, a video game & consumer electronics have the same price target.

If anyone is relying on Loop Capital ‘s “price target”, they are in for a rude awakening, because GameStop is no where close to $10.

And Bed Bath & Beyond, is beyond Anthony Chukumba’s price target and currently sits close to $18.

The real question arises, Is Anthony Chukumba, the real emperor with no clothes?