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r/Superstonk – “Glacier Capital” does not exist.

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Posted by u/timmmmmmmyy

My friends, in all the mocking of Glacier Capital shorting GME today, we forgot to ask the most important question: do they actually exist? Bloomberg has a profile of them, if you can call it that, claiming they were founded 3/14/05, but outside of this I can find no evidence that they existed until recently. No article mentions, no chest puffing PR, nothing but their linkedIn pages and their website.

“Glacier Capital” on their potentially insecure website lists an address of record of 44 Boulevard de Verdun, L-2670 Luxembourg. Now I don’t know about you, but to me, that looks like an apartment building, not a multimillion dollar hedge fund.

So, I called “Glacier.” As we have previously observed, Melvin Capital doesn’t even answer the phone anymore. Citadel at least still has the automated system pick up the phone. But in the case of “Glacier Capital” there is no automated system. Instead, we appear to be calling a personal cell phone, with the voice mailbox of “Alex Larsen.” Don’t believe me? Call yourself. “Glacier Capital’s” public phone number is +352 661 932 584. If you’re in the US or Canada, you’ll have to dial a 011 first to get into the international switching system.

I challenge anyone to prove Glacier Capital exists.

TL;DR “Glacier Capital” is FUD, they don’t exist except on paper.

Edit: One more point of evidence in favor of this being a personal cell phone: If you call once, it goes straight to voicemail, but if you immediately call back it rings several times before going to voicemail. Android has a setting to allow calls to punch through “Do not disturb” mode if the same person calls twice in 5 minutes, which may be exactly what’s happening here.

Edit PS: Credit to this post for inspiring this investigation.

Edit 2: As u/mrperson221 said, why would a fund publicly advertise opening a new short position, especially in a stock that has been so volatile and known for retailers jumping on the bandwagon to crush short sellers? It paints a giant target on them. “Glacier Capital” is 100% FUD.

Edit 3: As some have commented, the owner of that cell phone seems to have turned it off or changed the settings, as the second call in a row is no longer punching through and ringing.

Edit 4: It appears the google image results may just be a google error since the searched picture doesn’t seem to appear on the searched pages. I have no idea why they’re showing up as matches or why similar results are not shown when searching the pictures of the other members of their staff.

Edit 5: To be clear, I do not mean to imply that there is no such legal entity as Glacier Capital. There are public records that show that such an entity does exist. What I am doubting is whether they are actually what they claim to be, an independent investment company, or whether they are a facade for some other entity.

Edit 6: Glacier Capital’s website is not using https, so maybe save yourself the click unless you have to and clear your cookies afterward.

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