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r/Superstonk – Interesting how each run started exactly 15 trading days (3 trading weeks) prior to IMM dates. Each run peaks 5 trading days (1 trading week) prior to IMM dates. IMM dates are when swaps either mature or are terminated. Calling wrinkles to discuss why. I can’t find shit. Day trade = miss MOASS = RIP

Posted by u/Criand

Well that’s trippy, been looking at similar dates for a minute trying to figure them out without much luck in regards to a cause. Here’s a link to a cpl charts+crayons from back in May/June (called the May and June runs and didn’t even day trade, just bought more). still hodling ^,^


Also uploaded a related possible DD to superstonk.net in June, but I don’t think it got approved or any traction. Honestly, always been more of a lurker/occasional commenter but I’ve been working on that heh.

Haven’t applied it to this run up cycle, been pretty distracted irl unfortunately. Just started looking into to the delisted OTC stuff and SEC 15c2-11 yesterday, and then saw this right now too, good stuff! Hivemind go brrrrr xD

Thoughts/feedback/additions on the delisted tickers, SEC 15c2-11 amendments, etc much appreciated. Posted a possible DD together as some requested, riiiiiiiight before a u/criand post lolrip my timing.


For the sake of visibility and a little adult supervision, thanks for the piggyback ^,^