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r/UkraineWarVideoReport – Footage of a Russian tank running over two mines.

I’ve been hit by multiple IEDs in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. There was never any flame. Lots of smoke, lots of dust. Even if the hull wasn’t penetrated, loose things within the Brad became very dangerous very quickly. I lost a buddy to an unsecured TOW missile flying across the troop compartment and impacting his head. You’d often see blood coming out of ears, nose, eyes, sometimes CSF leaks from ears(smells like bananas), red sclera from overpressure. I got very lucky, only results from my strikes were mild TBI and sleep apnea from thoracic overpressure.

I’ve also been hit by stacked anti-tank mines while in a HMMWV. Got lucky there…because we were light compared to the intended target(tank, Brad) we were tossed more than penetrated