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r/UkraineWarVideoReport – Russan state TV featured a voice of reason who actually did some thinking for himself. Let us hope he doesn’t drown in a freak fishing accident later today.

I think he’s deliberately being honest because first of all he knows what’s he’s talking about unlike the idiot talking heads who are spouting delusional fantasies of Russia conquering Poland and nuking the UK and Ireland.

There must be a growing realization that general mobilization will set off mass panic. Even more young Russians would flee. More recruiting offices and military factories would suddenly catch fire. If people suddenly realize they and their loved ones are about to be sent into war armed with their underwear and a bottle of vodka, there’s a chance people won’t be so scared of the riot police anymore.

If after more than two months they can’t beat Ukraine, and they’ve basically exhausted their weaponry while Ukraine is about to get a massive line of credit from the USA, this is just another Afghanistan they are being dragged into except instead of mujahadeen with stingrays, they are going against a modern trained army with insane weapons and artillery. It’s political suicide to call up general mobilization but of course Putin is that delusional because he can’t admit they lost in any way, so there’s a chance he will double down.

Let’s hope the next generation of Ukrainian pilots are being trained to fly F-22s or Eurofighters or Rafales.