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r/UkraineWarVideoReport – Ukraine War Megathread for the Week of July 03, 2022

You understand wrong.

Ukraine is slowly but constantly receiving modern weapons that outrange Russian ones and are more precise too.

Soon Russia well have tremendous trouble attacking as they only can advance very slowly by massing all their forces in one point and now every time the try to mass artillery they’re gonna get hit by humans, pzh2000, Caesars and what not from beyond their range.

Besides those musings of artillery require massive amounts of ordnance and in the last days Ukraine has shown a new capibility: hitting depots well behind enemy lines.

We are seeing it now, using himars plus real time satellite intelligence Ukrainians are hitting ammo depots right and left and Russians have no answers. They’ll end up having to move their depots far away from the front and move Everything by truck which will make them slower and the supply chains longer and vulnerable….

In spite of the last gains Russians are running on fumes and Ukrainians are getting stronger. This was one of the last pushes Russians are gonna be able to make.