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r/worldnews – Reversing Trump measures, U.S. will expand flights to Cuba and resume family reunifications

As a Cuban myself I want to clarify that the US does commerce/trade with Cuba, albeit not directly but thanks to the “remesas familiares” Cuban families get to eat.

My former government (if a dictatorship can be called such thing) gave my family of 4, 6 pounds of chicken wings/drumsticks and 5 pounds of rice for the equivalent of a couple quarters… quite the score right? Wrong! That’s a monthly ration, try surviving on that.

But don’t worry, they would go and blame the Embargo for the impoverished people while Generals (and their families) would eat delicatessens and red meat on a daily basis. Anyone who served in the military and drove for a high official can tell you how corrupt and imperialistic their lives are… the fact that they have yachts all over the world when a couple of steaks are now 300 pesos (12 dollars) and the average salary is still 500-600 pesos should be proof enough. But Reddit will disagree, they know better.

So yeah, end the embargo, I wanna see what excuse they concoct after it’s gone.