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r/worldnews – Russian parliament adopts package of ‘wartime’ laws forcing businesses to work for army

From the article:

The State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Kremlin’s rubberstamp parliament, supported a number of bills on July 5 that many respects bring the country’s economy to a wartime footing, the BBC has reports.

The laws state that the authorities in the Kremlin can freely introduce “special measures” in the economy during “counter-terrorist and other operations outside the territory of the Russian Federation.”

Russian companies in such cases will not have the right to refuse to fulfill military orders. At the same time, Russian military commanders will be able to unilaterally change the terms of contracts.

The Russian government will also have the right to engage Russians to work even at night or on weekends, if necessary.

The Russian legislature, which is dominated by parties that support Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, spent about 13 minutes discussing all of the draft laws in question.