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r/worldnews – Ukrainians are being sent to Russia against their will, Pentagon says

I know a lot of this seems obvious because we’ve been reading it here, but it is important for these significant organizations to publicly announce things like this for formality sake.

Behind closed doors, they also know all this stuff is happening. Heck, usually they know before us. But they technically cannot move forward with large international decisions until there is a formal acknowledgement, and that requires a lot of signatures from a ton of different people in high power positions, who are also reliant upon a thousand other signatures.

That’s why we still see headlines reading “war crimes suspected in ____” when we all already know they’re true. Political figures and security organizations have to be extra extra formal since everything they say is considered significant. It sucks but it goes with the job

Source: I was a lowly intern at a large NGO working in IS (international security) for several years