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SEC Chair Gary Gensler Still Refers To Publicly Traded Companies As Meme Stocks In His Latest Twitter Video About Short Selling

It seems like the SEC chair Gary Gensler has too much time on his hands making videos of himself and uploading it on his twitter account. The first question arises with all these videos is, why is he using his personal twitter account to upload videos of himself using tax payers money?

If Gary Gensler wasn’t in the videos himself, then these educational videos could be re-used by the next administration, without spending more tax payers money.

The stock market has had the worst start since 1970 and its quite obvious with the piling FTD (fails-to-delivers), that short selling and naked short selling has been one of the prime factors for driving the entire market to a black hole.

In Gensler’s recent video, he used the term “Meme Stocks for publicly traded companies, which is quite demining. These are hard working, publicically traded companies and the SEC chair using that term is inappropriate and wrong.