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Senate agreement on climate change, health care revives Biden’s legislative agenda

John Bresnahan, Punchbowl News:

You have to give Schumer a lot of credit here. He stuck with this.

I mean, he has gotten a lot of grief for the way he’s interacted with Manchin. They — the two had a very good relationship when Schumer became the Democratic leader a couple of years ago. In fact, Schumer and Manchin were — I mean, Manchin did not get along with Harry Reid, the previous Democratic leader.

Schumer for him was a big plus. But you had the big moment in December when Schumer — when Manchin walked away from Build Back Better. That was a huge embarrassment for the president, a huge embarrassment for Schumer.

You had a big moment in — early in this year, when Manchin refused to move on the filibuster. I mean, that was a big embarrassment again for Schumer. But — and, again, it looked like, a couple of weeks ago, they were going to — these talks were going to break down.

But Manchin put out a statement. And it was interesting. He kept saying to me and he kept saying some other reporters: I’m not walking away from the table. Chuck says I am, but I’m not.

And they kept talking. And Senator Schumer said today, on June — on July 18, Manchin reached out to him after he had announced that the deal had fallen apart. Manchin said: Hey, I want to keep talking.

And so they kept talking and were able to come up with a deal this week.