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Turns out my bf is anti choice (prolife)

I (34f) had a difficult conversation with my bf (37m) last night. First of all he had no idea any of the Supreme Court stuff was going on. When I tried my best to explain it he said abortion should be illegal. I asked a few prodding questions like what about rape? Incest? Medical necessity? “Well obviously that would be okay. But if you do it just because you don’t want a kid then it’s wrong. Like if you aborted my baby for no reason I’d have to kill you, ya know?” I was flabbergasted, to clarify it wasn’t like a threat, I’d like to think it was more to emphasize his point. I asked what about if a guy get a girl pregnant then abandons her? “He didn’t force her to have sex with him then she has to have the baby” also something to the effect of that hardly ever happens (he has a good group of friends that have actually stepped up as dads so maybe that’s just his perspective) I said but if it’s my body it should be my choice, his response was “once you’re pregnant it’s not just your body anymore”. I guess I’m just processing it all. I’ve always known we had different views on things. We’re probably opposite sides of the political spectrum and I’ve been able to overlook it for the most part because he’s a good guy but I’m not sure I can get over this one. I’ve had two abortions that he wouldn’t agree with (before I met him) and I didn’t have the heart to tell him about it. I don’t think he would’ve listened anyway. Thanks for providing a place where I can get this off my chest and process it out in writing. We’ve been together almost 13 years but idk if I can do it much longer.

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